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Projections & Illusions

Available now for digital download. Included are window and wall projections, floating head holograms and creepy eyes for single or dual display. Digital download version is only 99 cents. This is a great special effect for your home or haunted house.

Hologram Tutorial

Download Free Sample Video File


Digital Fireplace - Free

Feel free to use this anywhere!

Free Download

Computer Playback Free: 1GB

Digital Falling Snow Projection - Free Holiday Decoration

This is a small Program (*.exe) file that you can run in full screen on your computer or hook up to a projector. Great for simulating snow on a wall or window. Simply download and run the EXE or SWF file and select full screen. Perfect for house or party event..

Halloween Bleeding TombStone Projection

All you need is a projector a piece of wood painted a light color and this video on loop. Project onto the wood and you now have an animated tombstone. Make sure you hide the projector but make sure it is ventilated.



Vortex Projection: Perfect for a Halloween decoration or party event.

Free Download

Fireworks Projection

Fireworks projection: Perfect for party event, celebration or decoration.

Free Download

Zombie Chest for tablets

All you need is a shirt and a tablet

The AVI & MP4 file is available for download here.


This is also avalible on Android app section under our Scary Screens app. We no longer support the Apple app, but you can still use the video files on loop for Apple devices.

Pumpkin Projection

All you need is a projector and a pumpkin.

The AVI file is available for download here.

Digital Leaves Projection Decoration

Perfect on walls or windows for your Thanksgiving or Fall Event. Simply download and play video on loop. For windows we recommend projecting on a light sheet or shower curtain.