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Android Apps

Holograms 4 Sided

Holograms 4 sided is a great illusion for both professional and homemade holograms. There are three configurations to choose from for all subject matter.

Christmas Radio

Ten Christmas songs perfect for any event or just to listen to.

Mars VR

Mars VR is a virtual reality experience for your phone and the Google cardboard or any DIY VR phone kit. Walk around the surface of mars in your space suit and explore the planet in 360 degrees.

Haunted Graveyard VR

Haunted Graveyard VR is a virtual reality experience for your phone and the Google cardboard or any DIY V.R. phone kit. Walk around in a haunted graveyard in the dead of night and explore in 360 degrees.

Scary Screens

Scary Screens has something for everyone. Packed with multiple illusions you can create using your smartphone or tablet. Perfect for Halloween. There are also plenty of pranks to keep you occupied all year, like our touch screen whoopee cushion. Included are:

-Pranks and Tricks
-Plexiglass Halloween CG Holograms
-CG Creepy Eyes for window displays
-Costume chest tricks

Nearsighted VR Augmented Aid

Are you legally blind? Can you only see things up close? Then this app might be for you. NearSighted VR is an application that works with your phone and the OpenDive VR display or any DIY VR displays. It uses the camera on your phone and displays the front image to the phone screen in stereoscopic. Although this is a low resolution prototype we feel that with time we can develop more devices and/or applications which will help people with visual or eye disabilities.

Creepy Eyes

Creepy Eyes is a fun little app. Just select evil eyes or monster eyes, turn sideways and let the fun begin. Best used on young children and putting up across your own eyes with the volume up.

Halloween Mini Projections

Halloween Mini Projections is meant to be used with a portable bluetooth or dongle projector for your Android device.

Halloween Animated Eyes

Halloween Animated Eyes is a Halloween application for your phone. Looks great in masks, on scarecrows or even inside a pumpkin. Have an Ipod or another small device? Feel free to download the mp4 files via our Google share links found on Google Play.

Halloween Haunted Radio 2014

Halloween Haunted Radio includes four terrifying tracks. Great for any haunted house, Halloween party or outdoor decoration.